Hi, my name is Kim. Better known my nickname Kim Campos. I currently live in Seri Maya Condominium, Setiawangsa. 18 years old. I came from a normal family. I would call myself a complicated person, but i'm sure we're all pretty complicated. and why would i call myself complicated? well thats a good question. Let me describe myself, or at least, what i know about myself: i dont get along with many people. I dont like to open up. I'm very reserved. I cant make decisions, choices drive me nuts. I'm honest i can be naive. I tend to contradict myself. I don't get entertained by things that most people get entertained by. I fear crowds, they freak me out. I'm selective. I'd rather go out at night than read a book. I'm actually stupid enough to spend money on my things. I'm constantly looking for that person who will complete me. I enjoy simple things. My favorite color, or shall i say shade, is purple. I love healthy food. I've got so many books that i doubt i'll never be able to read all of them. I find it hard to save up money. I dont like when people cancel on me. I dislike conceited people and selfish people. I love photography, although i doubt i will never become a photographer. i live at home with my parents and my siblings. I watch a lot of movies. i dont like when people pretend they know me, i dont even know myself yet and its been seventeen years. I like painting. People tend to hate on me. I dont model, most of my pictures on facebook and flickr are self-portraits. I dont give a f*ck when people are judgmental. I like to cook, but i usually turn my kitchen into a mess. I like to do sweet things for people i like. I don't watch tv. I usually walk too fast for people. i love to spend some time on my own. Thats all, i guess.

26 January 2011


Since she left me, i've been drifting. I dont talk to anyone like i used to. I arent full of life like i once were. I dont smile or laugh as much. Nothing holds interest. But just because no one understands my pain and how lonely i am, it doesnt mean i should stop living. To the one who left, i'm at loss for words. I come to write and i can describe what i'm feeling. I dont want to tell the world, i need to tell you but i cant put my thoughts to paper. But then again, you've always had that affect on me. You've always managed to leave me speechless. Its not my fault nor your fault we cant be together. We were perfect for each other. But you wanted to please your friends to be around you so you left me. Thats really killing me inside but its sokay, i'll be fine. Even though i love you so much, sometimes i just feel hate towards you. Cause you've moved on and i'm still stuck here. Its really like a thin line between love and hate and i'm stuck in the middle. But the second i hear your voice, oh god i dont know what happens to me. (I know, my english sucks. I'm still work on it)