Hi, my name is Kim. Better known my nickname Kim Campos. I currently live in Seri Maya Condominium, Setiawangsa. 18 years old. I came from a normal family. I would call myself a complicated person, but i'm sure we're all pretty complicated. and why would i call myself complicated? well thats a good question. Let me describe myself, or at least, what i know about myself: i dont get along with many people. I dont like to open up. I'm very reserved. I cant make decisions, choices drive me nuts. I'm honest i can be naive. I tend to contradict myself. I don't get entertained by things that most people get entertained by. I fear crowds, they freak me out. I'm selective. I'd rather go out at night than read a book. I'm actually stupid enough to spend money on my things. I'm constantly looking for that person who will complete me. I enjoy simple things. My favorite color, or shall i say shade, is purple. I love healthy food. I've got so many books that i doubt i'll never be able to read all of them. I find it hard to save up money. I dont like when people cancel on me. I dislike conceited people and selfish people. I love photography, although i doubt i will never become a photographer. i live at home with my parents and my siblings. I watch a lot of movies. i dont like when people pretend they know me, i dont even know myself yet and its been seventeen years. I like painting. People tend to hate on me. I dont model, most of my pictures on facebook and flickr are self-portraits. I dont give a f*ck when people are judgmental. I like to cook, but i usually turn my kitchen into a mess. I like to do sweet things for people i like. I don't watch tv. I usually walk too fast for people. i love to spend some time on my own. Thats all, i guess.

24 January 2012

Woi blog apa khabar.

12 December 2011

I am soo deeply, deeply, deeply sorry for hurting you so much. I am so sorry because i’m so in love with you, and i will spend the rest of my life telling you that. I’ll apologize to you every day if thats what you need, but, please, please dont walk away again. I came across the world to be with you. I love you. Please.

20 July 2011

Cant say goodbye to the blocks, to the hood, to the streets, to the homies.

Imma man i gotta take care of my family. Fighting these precious in my life. I know my mind should be on shining and getting studies but these streets wont say a goodbye. I cant say goodbye to the the blocks that raise me, the homies and the enemies that made me tough enough to hang on the corners that would moul me. Critics wonder if i'm tryna be the old me. But if the thing the old me ever left then they dont really know me anything. I dont change i just become OG. You always addicted to the life you just dont OD. I owe the streets before they owe me. Took me in when my mom didnt want me. Wild child and dad not around now. All i got now is the homies, to teach me how to be a man and what not, how to brake ounces in the grams and what not. The reason i'm so nice with my hands. Shit you think i forgot all that, damn man. All i had was the hood when i didnt have money. Rapping on the streets when i couldnt get chances to spin. All i had was the homies when i didnt have girlfriend. If it all come down and i'm gone, i'm sure my name would live in the streets.

15 July 2011

We touch i feel a rush. We clutch it isnt much but its enough to make me wonder whats in store for us. Its lust its torturous you must be a sorceress cause you just did the impossible thing, gained my trust. Dont play games it'd be dangerous if you fuck me over cause if i get burnt, imma show ya what its like to hurt cause i've been treated like dirt before you and love is evol (EVIL) spell it backwards, i'll show you. Nobody knows me i'm cold walk down this road all alone. Its no ones fault but my own. Its the path i've chosen to go frozen as snow. I show no emotion whatsoever, so dont ask me why i have no love for these motherfuckin hoes. Blood suckin succubuses, what the fuck is up with this? I've tried in this department but i aint had no luck with this. It sucks but its exactly what i thought it would be like trying to start over. I've got a hole in my heart for some kind of emotional roller coaster something i wont go on. So you toy with my emotions, hoe, its over. I wasnt joking when i told ya you take my breath away, you're a supernova. Why do we say that until we get that person that we thinks gonna be that one and then once we get them, its never the same? You want them when they dont want you soon as they do, feelings change its not a contest and i aint on no conquest for no mate. I wasnt looking when i stumbled onto you. Musta been fate but so much is at stake, what the fuck does it take? Lets cut to the chase 'fore the door shuts in your face, promise me if i cave in and break and leave myself open that i wont be making a mistake.

14 July 2011

Love takes effort and acceptance. It wont always be a happy ride. You’ll cry when you're hurt, you’ll be sad when you’re ignored. But hold on and always remember. Love hurts when it is real. Maybe the reason why you have to stop loving a person is because fate chose both of you to be friends, where forever is a lot more possible.

17 June 2011

Before the sunrise.

Its seems like just yesterday we would stay up late out on your front lawn talking about where we’ve been and all the places we’re going. We would lose track of time watching cars pass us by and i would sneak back home before the sunrise, and how every day would seem so long and every night could go on. I liked when my fingers were entangled in yours, and your head was on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. It made me feel safe, like at that moment, nothing bad could touch you. You can stay in my arms forever. You can be happy tomorrow. You can be happy when you get through your list of things to do. You can be happy when you get the right job. You can be happy when you get that raise. You can be happy when you stop buying the things you need and start buying the things you want. You can be happy when you retire. You can be happy when the weather suits you. You can be happy on a plane. You can be happy in the rain. Or you can stop reading this, take a deep breath, and be happy right now. It doesnt matter what i said then or how i felt. What matters is that i’m standing here now, telling you that you’re the only thing i need. I’ve finally found someone good, but i dont go looking for someone better.

11 June 2011

Its only a matter of time. Until you like him. Until you love him. Until you date him. Until he breaks your heart, and you cant take it anymore, you just.... Its only a matter of time.

24 May 2011

Forget the guy that doesnt care for you, the guy that cheats on you, uses you for sex and denies it. The guy that abandons you for his friends and the guy that dumped you because he ‘was sick of it’. Forget the guy that puts you last and the guy that calls you when its convenient for him. Forget the guy that calls you cute and pretty, instead of beautiful. Forget the guy that puts you down, that isnt proud of you, that competes with you. Forget the guy that wont take no for an answer, and the guy that makes you cry yourself to sleep. Forget the guy that gets with other girls, that hurts you ‘unintentionally’, yet does it time and time again. Forget the guy that calls you begging for forgiveness, he isnt worth it. Forget the guy that you cant trust, forget the guy that has made months of your life miserable. Forget the guy that you had to listen to complain about other girls when you were in love with him. Forget the guy that ruined your other relationships. Forget the guy that makes you wait for him. Forget the guy that "doesnt want a relationship" when you know he just doesnt want you. Forget the guy that thinks of someone else while you’re thinking of him. Forget the guy that lies every day. Forget the guy that doesnt know how to love you. Forget the guy you cant forgive. Forget the guy that made it clear he could forget about you. Life must go on. And never give up. Ya digg?

30 April 2011

Bitch i'm on that "I dont need a bitch"

We used to rock to the rhythm that didn’t stop. Now you telling me i need to be getting out and go find me a....bitch? Cause its over and through. But why do i need a bitch when i got you. I dont mean it like it sounds, but we used to be a team. Yes we used to have a dream. Hell yes we used to put our things together. Now its dividing, hiding, bottled up, negative feelings inside. Fuck one that once sucked my dick and find another bitches. I dont need them. Hell no, i dont need one. And all that talking and fussing bitch you can miss me. Before i let a bitch get the best of me i'll said i dont need a bitch all on me. Tripping and calling my phone, always lying. I dont need a bitch constantly checking on me, bitch dont even try it i’m out here crying, thats why i dont need a bitch.

29 April 2011

Things will never be the same

Long time ago, i was too fall inlove with someone. Her name is aaa no way just L. She loving me so much too just like i did. She always call me everytime everyday everynight everyhour everyminute just wanna ask me what i'm doing and tell me that she miss me. When i get lost, i feel like a boss and she will be my salvation. When i feel lost with nowhere to go, she'll be my inspiration. She never spends time with her friends. Tells me she's mute without me and when things go wrong, her faith is strong and i know that she'll never doubt me. We was too fall inlove together like no one else did. We been through together until one day, everything changed. I was too stupid and game her. I changed into a bad person. Denied her calls, tell her that i'm boring with her until she cried everynight. I did that cause i had a crush with someone else. Yeap. I know. I'm fool, sucks, everything bad is on me. And now, i regret for doing that. So much. I was thinking that when i'm with new the one we'll be forever, and always meet. But i was wrong. She leave me nothing and worthless just like i did to L. Karma isnt it? I'm on it. And now, i'm just sitting in my room and everymorning wake up and ask myself "Is life worth living, or should i blast myself?" I always thinking about her. Sometimes i cried, sometimes i just feel lost. Everything is changed, thats just the way is. Things will never be the same. And its time to fight back thats what my friend said. But guess what, i see no changes. I'm just hoping she come back to me, L. (this about my feeling is too short, damn)