Hi, my name is Kim. Better known my nickname Kim Campos. I currently live in Seri Maya Condominium, Setiawangsa. 18 years old. I came from a normal family. I would call myself a complicated person, but i'm sure we're all pretty complicated. and why would i call myself complicated? well thats a good question. Let me describe myself, or at least, what i know about myself: i dont get along with many people. I dont like to open up. I'm very reserved. I cant make decisions, choices drive me nuts. I'm honest i can be naive. I tend to contradict myself. I don't get entertained by things that most people get entertained by. I fear crowds, they freak me out. I'm selective. I'd rather go out at night than read a book. I'm actually stupid enough to spend money on my things. I'm constantly looking for that person who will complete me. I enjoy simple things. My favorite color, or shall i say shade, is purple. I love healthy food. I've got so many books that i doubt i'll never be able to read all of them. I find it hard to save up money. I dont like when people cancel on me. I dislike conceited people and selfish people. I love photography, although i doubt i will never become a photographer. i live at home with my parents and my siblings. I watch a lot of movies. i dont like when people pretend they know me, i dont even know myself yet and its been seventeen years. I like painting. People tend to hate on me. I dont model, most of my pictures on facebook and flickr are self-portraits. I dont give a f*ck when people are judgmental. I like to cook, but i usually turn my kitchen into a mess. I like to do sweet things for people i like. I don't watch tv. I usually walk too fast for people. i love to spend some time on my own. Thats all, i guess.

24 February 2011

Escaping the sun meaning in english

The image of me crying, the foolish image of myself
I hate the sun that shines upon the ground. I hate the sun
If anyone recognized me and asked why i was crying
I really hate not being able to answer
I wanted to avoid the sun
No matter how hard i ran
The sun was always over my head
I really wanted to forget you
No matter how hard i tried
No matter how hard i tried, you were still inside of me.
I really hate for still miss your smile
and the hands that you touched me
I really hate it.
Inside of many people
While they laughed and shared stories
I tried to forget you but again, tears fall


Everyone thinks that i forgot
But i think that i'm going to go crazy
I really wanted to forget
I really wanted to erase my memory
But its not working


Like a thorn that is stuck so deep that you cant take it out
Like a scratch that hurt so much that it will leave a scar
A person like you cant ever be erased
Even though we're apart
It still feels like we're still living together
If only i could erase you by cryind
I cry so much that its enough to make a river
Even if i live, i want to forget you and trying
to live my life without you
I want to live normally, i want to live normally.